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after hours of speaking with xbox live techs, Charter and motorola techs ive decided to turn to my peers for help. i recently got charter internet. I purchased the 30 mb package. initially i hardwired the xbox straight from the modem to test my new connection..to my disappointment my in game experience was a forgetable one. xbox now has a browser and i found a speed test..bandwidthtest.com. my dl speed on my xbox browser was a measley 1.3mbps while my upload was close to 5mbps...i immediately plugged my ethernet cord into my pc to try another speed test. i had to power cycle my modem before i could connect with my pc. The speeds on pc were incredible i was very excited to see how high they were. My dl tested at 60mbps and my upload was still around 5. My thoughts were if i could get that dl speed to my xbox. i called charter after connecting my xbox back to the modem. The woman i talked to got into my modem and said she saw issues on her end and she would send a tech out the next day to resolve the problem...problem solved i thought..wrong. the tech came while i was working but told my gf all was well. he did nothing other than a few test while he was here. the next day i spoke with xbox and paul the xbox tech helped me troubleshoot the issue. he was very competant but we couldnt find a solution. together we called charter and explained our issues. Nancy the woman from charter looked at my modem and said i was getting a strong signal. we were very thorough in our efforts to figure out the problem. they even went as far as checking to see if anything had to be rerouted because of hurricane sandy. she mentioned my motorola sb6121 modem was just a gateway modem with no capabilities of limiting connection to my xbox. Paul from xbox was satisfied the problem wasnt on charters end. his last suggestion to me before hanging up was to try a friends xbox on my connection which i havent done yet. I decided today to call motorola tech support to see if they had any insight. they recommending setting up a 3rd party router and going through the port forwarding process. I did what they recommended. I set up a static ip for my xbox and went through all the steps of port forwarding on my net gear router. That solution seemed promising but didnt yeild any better results. So here i am clueless..ive exhausted all the options i could come up with. I Hope there is someone on here that may have an answer. I Would prefer to keep my xbox hardwired straight from modem if possible. there are no other devices on this connection. as mentioned earlier i have and sb6121 modem and i have tried using multiple ethernet cords. i cant think of anything else i need to mention except that im trying to get this resolved before black ops 2 comes out.

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Just to add to that, XBL is not the most reliable service at the best of times, and can be more problematic when a big game comes out, perhaps your issue is indeed an XBL issue rather than your connection, either way click the link i posted and see if you can get more information there...

How did you get a speed test on your xbox I can't seem to get speedtest.org to work because you need flash can you type the exact name of the site you used.