Extremely offensive voice message sent threatening ***

Yesterday Sunday 18th March my son received an offensive voice message threatening to [Removed] This was because my son kicked this lad from the chat has he had recently threatened my younger son [Removed] . Both my sons are not and have never been friends with this gamer, the gamer has got their information through my sons friends, friend list. Our son did block the gamer which has lost us the message, but we have spoken to Xbox support who have assured us because our son reported the gamer they will be able to retrieve and listen and act on the voice message.

We will contact the police also regarding this matter. I am 100% sure this type of message wasn't the first and won't be the last that this gamer sends. 


The offensive gamer is :   [GT Removed] - do not name and shame on the forums. 

Thank you and await a speedy reply with such a serious nature of complaint.


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Are you unable to select his profile and click the block communications option or something? It's really not that hard to figure out.

This blunt, but it's true. Welcome to the internet buddy. Just like in real life, not everyone on the internet is nice. In fact most people are mean. Deal with it. Just select block communications and be done with it. If for whatever reason he creates another account and continues to harass you or your son, then take the next step. 

The Xbox forums are not the place to complain about other users behaviour.  No Xbox representative will read this.  What you should do is go to the offending gamertag on your Xbox console, and select "File Complaint", and follow the prompts.  That complaint will be viewed and investigated by the appropriate action against that person.

The next thing you need to do is "Block Communications".  That will prevent that person from sending your son any sort of message (voice, text or in-game message).

Don't bother contacting the Police.  While what this person is offensive, a profanity filled insult is not illegal.