External USB 3.0 HDD support will fix a lot of issues..

The 2.5 5400rpm Laptop HDD was a big mistake, especially since the console inside has room to fit two 3.5 HDDs, it is giant in there, why didn't they put the power brick in there and a 3.5 drive? Don't get it, especially since the heat goes directly out the top. Currently the Xbox One has to run 3 operating systems, do background tasks like GameDVR and run your game, a standard Laptop drive will have about 60Mbps of bandwidth, it just isn't enough. 

A USB 3.0 3.5 7200rpm HDD will have the bandwidth of around 180Mbps, it is nearly as fast as a cheap SSD every one seems to buy, like seriously though cheap drives, benchmark them, you'll only get 200-300Mbps, not the 500 as advertised, even slower for small files. We'd be able to load games faster, have the Operating system auto optimize itself for full bandwidth use of the internal HDD and GameDVR would be able to use more than 4MBps for the bitrate.

Seriously I hope if External Drive support comes, Microsoft are smart enough to allow us to have 50Mbps 1080p Video like you can get from the H.264 encoding that is built into the hardware of an Nvidia and AMD card.. I really hope something that that is support on the chip built for the Xbox One. 

Just needs this support desperately, I have no idea why they didn't just make a removable HDD like the Xbox 360 slim, it isn't like anything is stopping it. At the very least though give us the external drive support.


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External drive support IS coming; please be patient.

Hints have suggested that external hdd could come in April patch. So it is close, at least before summer i would think.

Yeah this is one thing I am looking forward to. I think I have nearly used most of my HDD space. It's the installing games that has made this gen a little different. I should be able to hold out until it is supported but I hope it comes sooner than later.

They say This xbox was designed to be ON for 10 years..... so I'm sure that is your answer for lots of space and no power brick inside..... they want no chance for over heating.

external hd support is coming......I do wonder the reasoning behind a non removable though

It would be nice if the internet gaming community was not such a bunch of whining hyper insane nutjobs.  These companies would probably feel a little freer in discussing their behind the closed doors reasoning.

If I were to take a shot in the dark I'd say that the non replaceable HDD is there to prevent modding, hacking and generally just people ruining their consoles or blaming MS for failures. It's a safer way to run things but I do think that USB external or even proprietary drive expansions should have been around on day one.

Sooner rather than later I hope but until then, I've got 53% to keep me going and I personally don't buy too many games anymore. When the time comes I've got a 2TB expansion drive waiting and it should last me the lifetime of the console, or at least half of it.

I will get a 3TB external HDD when they add the support. It might not be right away. But down the road.

Yeah I pretty much agree with the above and Dakr I will likely be getting a 3TB too. I know I will be all set then, or at least for a small while :)

I got a 2tb for now

I can't wait for external HDD support. I currently have a USB 3.0 3TB hard drive that's ready to be used. I'm afraid that Microsoft will put a limit to the size of the HDD like they did with flash drives on the 360.

I'm anxiously awaiting this as well.  I can't believe my drive is over half full and I've only had the box since November.  500GB in this generation is FAR too inadequate...

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