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I have a ntfs external hard drive with stuff on it and do not want to delete it  from hdd and I also can't move it to pc not enough room, and I was wondering if I could make a fat32 partition on it to use with the xbox360 for game saves and other stuff. I was wondering before I format it with the xbox 360 that the ntfs partition will it still be there with everything on it?


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Create a FAT32 primary partition. That will be visible to the 360. You'll need to use a partition resizing utility (or try using Windows, but last time I tried it failed).

Reason I am going to move my games and game save over to it so i can reformat the xbox 360 hdd. Because for some weird reason the internal hdd has some demos that show up and disappear on there on and was wondering if formatting the hdd would fix this problem?