external hard drive problems

I just bought a Toshiba canvino external hard drive 3tb brand new. I connected to my xbox one and it is not recognizing that an external hard drive has been attached. I can hear the external drive gearing up when I plug it into the Xbox but that's about it. I've done a hard reset on both devices. I have worked for troubleshooting and can't find anything that really helps. anybody have any ideas?


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Have you plugged into a PC? If so is it getting recognised by your PC?

Hello all, thought I would make you aware of an issue I am having with last years purchase of my new XO console and an external hard drive I am using

Toshiba HDTB310EK3AA 1TB Canvio Basics USB 3.0 Portable External Hard drive

So I bought two of these from Amazon UK in august of this year for £40 or so. Worked seamlessly for three months. I used it very easily as I was running out of storage and started to buy and move new games / apps to it as my internal drive was 88% full.

Perfect I thought, it even started to make the XO run faster and apps perform better (In my opinion)


One morning during a lazy weekend I switch on my XO and think right; time to buy battlefront Star wars on-line etc etc cue light sabre noises and blasters! Wait? what's this? 88% full memory on internal and no storage??? Where have all my paid for and games with gold went???? Crap I hope I haven't lost all those paid for add-ons and game saves???

50% of my games and add ons (all on 1tb ext hard drive) ALL GONE!!!!!

Rewind one week:- installs new operating system on XO as part of standard update..............Hate it but must now live with it and my now redundant 360 console due to compatibility backwards. Did this have anything to do with it????

Still where are my games?????? Where are my games saves.................???? Tried the suggested steps on MS help pages, switch on / switch off / reboot / checking and un--checking various boxes, Google it, you-tubed it!!!! NOTHING. Vented anger at Amazon as hard drive had never been unplugged or moved ports (its on the pot on the side) and meets requirements............... Amazon would not hold up two year warranty (supplied in box) even though it is less than 3 months old.

Everything is gone......................or was gone!!!!!

My internet supplier is probably going to put me on a fair use policy as I have had to re-download all the games I had before..............all the extras.................all the season passes...................all the games with gold..........................all the games saves are gone however!!!!! Probably totals in excess of nearly 1 terrabyte of data!!!!

Ever so luckily enough----------- I had a spare hard drive (another canvio)and the games show ready for downloading in your xo games section-------------which is a tedious and drawn out time sucking process.......................... I think personally that MS recent software UG had something to do with it!!!!!???!!!! or is it really a crap ext hard drive???

Anyway I found a video on youtube https://youtu.be/PI6UVsxGVI0 by Rai FX

This video talks you through how to re-format a drive that is now not showing on XO and cannot be found by your XO. I reformatted mines on XP and im not even computer savvy but I will point out you will lose your games and saves. It is extremely strange how your PC will pick up the storage device but the XO wont!!!! And that my friends is why I think its a MS XO issue!!!! Anyway the drive now is clear and BLOODY now works again!!!!! strange but true.

Hey there Love8302,

I would also suggest connecting the drive to a working PC and see if it gets recognized properly on it (BIOS, Device Manager and Disk Management). If it does, do run a diagnostic utility on it that's provided by the manufacturer to check the drive's S.M.A.R.T. status as well as for any bad sectors that might have appeared.

Also do follow the KB that describes how to properly connect and format the drive so it can be used on the console.


The drive most likely has a partition setup on it for software. You need to use diskmanagement on a computer to delete it.