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I have a 1 Tera-Byte Hard Drive. This is what I have done...

I have split my hard drive into 2 partitions, each 500gb. One for Pictures, Vidoes and Music and the other for Apps and Games (on Xbox)

If I plug the hard drive into my Xbox, goto Settings>System>Manage storage, I can see the hard drive. But it only comes up as one hard drive unless I press the A button then goto Media Player then I can see two partitions (Pictures, Videos and Music and GamesApps)

If I want to use the 2nd patition for games and apps, I have to format the whole hard drive but I only want to format the 2nd partition. Not the 1st one as well because I`m using that for Pictures, Videos and Music.

Basically, how do I make it so my Xbox only formats the 2nd partition?



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It's my understanding that it's all or none.

Yeah you can only format the lot I'm afraid

I'm pretty sure the Xbox One formatting modifies the external hard drive's MBR (Master Boot Record).  This is why when you plug a Xbox One formatted HDD back into a PC, it's not detected, unless you run Disk Management and reconfigure the drive.

I believe this was done for security reasons to prevent illegal modifications to purchased content amongst other things.

So the answer is no.  You can't use an external on a Xbox One and a PC.  A bit of a downer, but at least the console can read USB Flash storage for video playback.