Explain the fascination of Twitch

I don't get Twitch.  can someone explain it to me?   maybe its for a younger generation.   but as a older gamer, with a kid, 2 jobs.   why do people like watching other people game?   when i get free time which is rare nowadays. i'd rather be playing or watching a movie than watching other people play a game and talk about it.   even if i was younger with more free time. i just don't see myself ever wanting to watch somebody else game or have other people watch me.     same with youtube.    i just cant find the time to search for stuff and sit and watch.   unless it's something my friends send in a link or i see on twitter.  im never on that site either.


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Definitely a generational thing.  I enjoy several YouTube channels and their let's play videos as I enjoy the personalities creating them, and sometimes I get exposed to games I wouldn't normally be interested in.

I equate it to watching sports or reality shows.  Why watch other people do stuff you can easily do yourself?  

I have no idea what the fascination of twitch is. Like you said, I'd rather be playing the games than watching other people play them. Unless it's a funny person that can entertain me while I watch I won't even consider watching somebody else play.

I like twitch ok. Not many people I watch but I do watch 2 or 3 people.


angry Joe

They are both good, entertaining and popular.

I like to go on and see what some games are like before I buy. So it's nice to sit and watch someone play for a bit to see if I'm gonna enjoy it or not? But I think alot of people realy enjoy watching people that are good at the game of choice play the game. I'm sure there's alot of people that don't have time to play like they used to or are not good qt video games at all so they enjoy watching someone else play.

That's all I can get out of the reasons for wanting to watch someone else play a video game?