Existing Funds Useless On Website?

Trying to buy some stuff on sale right now, have no access to my system as I am currently not home.  My only option is to add a credit card or paypal, despite I have plenty of funds that is already existing with my account?

Not exactly effecient there.  Especially when my purchase is a daily deal.  Unless there is somethng I'm completely missing?


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[quote user="Raven 125"] Unless there is something I'm completely missing?[/quote]

No.  You're not missing anything.  When they stopped using MS Points, and converted to local currency, they failed to give use the ability to use that currency on the xbox.com Marketplace.  You are only able to make purchases from the money in your account from the Xbox console right now.  

This is something that I have complained to Xbox about on numerous occasions already, and I have no idea when it will be fixed.