Exclusive Darksiders II Reveal Trailer

The trailer recaps events that happened in the first Darksiders and sets up the story for Darksiders II. You’ll also get to see the horseman Death in action and get a brief glimpse of his new mount, Despair.





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I really liked the 1st one so will defo be getting this.

Is Joe Madureira still taking on the Art and Design aspect? Can't find anything

I'm still to play the first one AAAARGH

Oh dear, who came up with that design for death? He looks like a bloody wrestler.


I'll prolly still pick this up, the first one was great.


And by great I mean it was basically a carbon copy of Zelda.


Which is great.

Loved the first one, probably will buy this day one.

I am still to complete darksiders myself but will prob be buying this day1, Darksiders Is one of my all time favs, Death looks more nimble, Should be good, Trailer looks good, I presume there Is going to be another 2 after this, Four horsemen.

5 Games in total was the first plan when they came up with the darksiders idea. (first 4 for each of the horsemen then last game to bring them together)

Another update for fans of the Franchise.

We'd like you to meet the team behind Darksiders. The crafting of heaven, hell, and everything in between takes place in a relatively small studio based out of Austin, Texas called Vigil Games. With Tim Donley the development director of Darksiders II as your tour guide, we invite you to watch the video to get a better idea of what daily life is like in a game studio as well as catch a few sneak peeks at never before seen content from the game. Enjoy!

Video Is Here....www.gameinformer.com/.../behind-the-scenes-of-darksiders-ii.aspx