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Bsr j'ai besoin d'aide,Xbox live m'a exclus pour mon gamertag je l'ai changé mais rien ne fait, je suis tjrs exclus et ne peut ni acheter,ni vendre,ni rentrer dans le garage de mon club. Je peux juste jouer en live et répondre rien de plus. Merci pour votre aide


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Voici les raisons possibles pour lesquelles cette sanction est survenue:

[quote user="Forza Motorsport - Support"]

I received a message stating that my Gamertag has been banned. What did I do wrong?

All Forza games including Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport 4 have the ability to enforce adherence to fair play through the use of game-specific bans. Bans are specific to a player’s profile, so changing a banned player’s gamertag does not eliminate a ban. A player can be banned from Forza independently of other Xbox LIVE enforcement actions. It is possible to be banned from these games, but still be able to use Xbox LIVE and play other games online. Single player gameplay, online features not related to the ban, and accessing Season Pass and DLC are not affected by bans and still accessible to banned players. A message explaining the details of the ban will appear when attempting to access the impacted feature. Players banned due to hacking or mods will receive a connection error when trying to access online features and a message explaining the ban will be available in the message center, accessible from the pause menu.

Generally players are banned for repeated demonstrations of offensive behavior, cheating or unfair play. Players can also be banned for accessing content licensed to a banned profile. Examples of unacceptable behavior include:

•    Violating the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use  
•    Violating the Xbox LIVE Code of Conduct  
•    Cheating or griefing in online games, such as intentionally crashing into other players  
•    Playing on a hacked or modified a console or profile  
•    Sharing a console or content with banned profiles

Offenses will lead to a temporary, or even permanent, ban from that feature. An offence that involves hacking or using a modified console will always result in a permanent ban that blocks access to all online features of the game.

There is no appeal process for bans.

Questions about the banning policy are prohibited on the forums or Auction House. Any discussion of these matters should be directed via EMAIL ONLY to Turn 10 at *** Email address is removed for privacy ***.


Il te faut poster sur les forums officiels Forza pour essayer de contester.



Lors d'une suspension de profil un mail est systématiquement envoyé pour expliquer les raisons de ladite suspension.

Si cependant ledit mail n'était pas arrivé, il faudra alors poster sur la section adéquate des forums US car il n'y a aucun support officiel sur les forums locaux :

    • Xbox 360 Acccount Suspensions & Console Bans