Exactly how do I watch downloaded videos? Zune App probelm

So on the previous dashboard you could watch downloaded game videos by going to Zune. I just downloaded the Resi 6 trailer to watch it on my TV and whenever I click Zune from the apps slide It tells me it is downloading it (which takes like 2 seconds), and whenever I go to my apps and then Zune nothing happens - I just keep getting took back to the my apps screen. Has anyone else had this problem before?


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I don't think game videos are zune, so just go to the watch videos part in the dash

No, but I try not to use the Zune app mate.

If you delete the Zune app, the top option in your Video Library will once again become "Downloaded Videos", and you can play your video directly through the dashboard media player.

If you wanna try and fix Zune, delete it, clear your cache then re-download it mate.

Cheers lew! I hated Zune and only used it for watching downloaded game vids anyway. If I knew you could get rid off it I would have done so yonks ago!

Ah my bad, I've never used Zune so didn't realise it replaced the downloaded videos part

Be aware though that every time you go to download a video through the 360 it will prompt you to download Zune again and wont let you get the video until you do.


However you can queue up the videos through xbox.com and then watch through Download Videos as mentioned by Lew.