[quote]After years of working on Valve's Counter-Strike series, the California-based developer created Left 4 Dead, a post-apocalyptic shooter that redefined cooperative gaming and landed the number-one spot on Game Informer's Top 30 Co-op Games of All Time list. Now the studio is combining its competitive and cooperative design expertise for a new, next-gen only IP: Evolve. Backed by publisher 2K Games,

The sci-fi multiplayer-focused shooter pits a four-player crew of alien hunters against a separate player-controlled monster that grows larger and more powerful over the course of matches. Each hunter features its own unique items and abilities, and while the monster may be outnumbered, its size and an assortment of devastating attacks make it a more than formidable foe. Like Turtle Rock's previous titles, Evolve is being built with variety and replayabilty in mind; the result is a novel mix of cooperative and competitive multiplayer elements that's unlike anything we've played before. [/quote]

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Just got the game in today. What a HUGE disappointment that it is not a couch co op game. I was so excited to finally have a game to play local only to find out we can't. My whole evening I had planned is shot to hell. What a drag. I think I'll just sell the game on eBay.

Lost Kaus said it best. This game is so 2006. It'll be dead in a few short weeks.


I'm really enjoying it.
I also loved Left 4 Dead too though haha.

I'm really enjoying it.

It looks great, has good control and good balance as well.

It's not just pick up and play.  It's "sit down and learn" and you figure out how to maximise your skills and abilities to their best effect in the different environments.

If you're used to your games simply handing you victory or advancement on a plate just because you showed up then you might not be so keen on "Evolved".

If you're not prepared to adapt, overcome and evolve your play style then you're probably better off not getting this game and just whingeing about it on the Forums.

Otherwise there's a pretty good time to be had.

@bagnarok -- I understand your frustrations, but you probably should have read up on the game before making the purchase.

@brandiesel -- What did Lost say about the game that makes it "so 2006"?  I've watched the dudes at Achievement Hunter play it a little bit, and it didn't seem overly impressive.