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I'm not sure whether to look forward to this game or not.  It's different and on paper seems like it could work, i.e the 4 v 1 scenario.  Shame the teaser trailer didn't actually show us much.

Looking forward to this - Cheers Lofty!

@LadyHawk     if you look about on ign there are plenty more videos showing much more, even one's with commentary from the devs.

There's a decent bit of gameplay on this vid...


Best description I've heard of it so far is "Left4Dead meets Jurassic Park"... a statement filled with WIN!

Left for Dead meets Jurassic Park, just give me it now :-)

Thanks for posting.

A little on the fence with this because I lack some story telling games. In fact since AC4 I don't think I have played one that has a story to dish out. I will likely pick it up all the same and this is just an on the spot post. I know little about this title but from what I have seen I am interested. Just don't know if I am interested given that I now want some good campaign to sink into.

L4D meeting Jurassic Park is a good sounding analogy though!

[quote user="CloudStrife 900"]

In fact since AC4 I don't think I have played one that has a story to dish out.


Are you not counting Tomb Raider?

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I thought Evolve had a release date but just looking and it says "TBC", hopefully not too long.

Maxen that's the one! I was sat there thinking 'I know theres a game other than AC4' I have played with story. Lol change my AC4 to TR!