Everything is Unusable on the Xbox One for Me

To be clear; I'm not complaining, but I do feel the need to express my opinion... I kind of feel that its everyones duty as a consumer to express their opinion.

Basically every fancy feature that microsoft advertised doesn't work. 

The Kinect Gestures- While sitting still on the couch watching tv the Kinect registers a raised hand that moves around randomly and erratically. It often presses buttons that pause and rewind the playback. My limbs are never raised when this happens... Sometimes I'm alone and slouching.. Sometimes there are two others with me.. sometimes just a dog. It is frustrating. This feature not only does not add anything to the xbox experience, it takes away from the experience. I wish this feature could be independently disabled. 

The Kinect Voice Commands - Voice commands are limited to a few very specific phrases. We spend 3 minutes talking to the xbox trying to get it to "go home" or "Turn off". 60% of the time it misinterprets what we say. 20% of the time it doesn't hear or respond in any way. And about 20% of the time it hears and does what we intended. This is so far below the threshold of usability that it makes me want to cry. The only thing the xbox will do with reliability is "volume up". 

The Operating System - My xbox one always gets network errors and disconnects randomly. After a hard reboot I have to manually select the network and enter why passcode every time. Some would say this could be a problem with my router/network and I admit that possibility exists. But I've never had trouble with any other device on my network. 

The Apps - This also could potentially be someone elses fault other that microsoft... but netflixs, hulu, amazon prime video, and my only game, dead rising 3, crash about 1/5 times I use them. By crash I mean they simply stop with no error code and return me to the home screen as if I had said "xbox go home". The main difference being that upon reselecting the app, it starts over as if it had never been open in the first place. 

The Controller - My remote turns off randomly during use. Most of the time it will be fine.. but sometimes I turn it on and start playing and the middle light goes out within 30 seconds.

In Conclusion - Is everything I own defective? Do other people have similar problems? 

I'm not upset that my system performs this way.. .I can live with it. Its not that big of a deal. I'm upset that the system was advertised as amazing, like it was handed down to use from mount olympus... and we paid $500.. brand new.. and then it performs this way. 


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[quote user="littleryanc"]

I kind of feel that its everyones duty as a consumer to express their opinion.[/quote]

Hmm, that's odd. I wasn't aware that we had any kind of duty as consumers...

The Kinect Gestures -

That being said, I like your idea of disabling gesture control as a setting.

The Kinect Voice Commands -
As for voice commands, it sounds like you need to recalibrate your Kinect sensor - mine works 90% of the time. As for it not hearing you? It's probably because your TV's too loud (volume up, anyone?) Try turning your TV down or muting it & you'll have far better success. It's either that or yell over the TV, but I prefer the former.

The Operating System -
In settings, you can set up your account so it doesn't require the password. As an added note, do you actually press the menu button & quit out of your games & applications? If not, I hear that helps.

The Apps -
Apps work fine for me. Have you tried reinstalling them?

The Controller -
Do you charge your controllers or change the batteries? Speaking of which, you could have a defective battery.

In Conclusion -
Don't give up! It's an awesome console!

Kinect Gestures: Didn't like them until I watched the tutorial, now they occasionally come in handy.


Voice Commands: Working about 99% of the time for me. NEVER thought I would like them as much as I do.


Operating System: Switches flawlessly from app to app. No problems. Now I did have a similar problem as you when assigning a static IP...seems to have worked itself out.


The Apps: As Galactic Geek has mentioned, "As an added note, do you actually press the menu button & quit out of your games & applications? If not, I hear that helps.". I have not had an app/game do this since hitting "quit".


The controller: Mine will disconnect occasionally; usually for a split second. Not often enough for me to complain, but annoying nonetheless.


In Conclusion: I'm happy with my purchase and see a lot of room for growth. About the only thing I'm not thrilled with at the present time is not being able to manage my hard drive.


Peace, J.R.