Everything Is Getting Closer

All the games we have been waiting for are coming in one by one! What are you waiting for and can't wait to get your hands on and why?!


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Titanfall, Watchdogs, Project Spark, The Division, Sunset Overdrive, Destiny, new FIFA, new Call of Duty. And that's just THIS year. In the future, it'll be Gears of War, Halo, Black Tusk Project, Star Wars Battlefront... Oh yes. Xbox life is awesome.

Haha yes, when does Sunset Overdrive get released? I'm looking forward to that game but I keep forgetting about it.

In theory this fall, but we'll probably need another batch of e3 to get the facts. Looks like it could be a decent time with friends. Like team fortress meets mirror's edge is what I've heard.

All I know is that its a free world game with kinda like zombies around?

Mm, and weird soda guns lol. Should be interesting.

Haha yes, the same kinda goofiness as PVZ which I dig. I'm kinda bored with all the modern time games.