Every2minutes auctions

Wow! The amount of points that you needed when this first kicked off was stunning.  How is it even possible for people to amass that many points? Kudos to those that did it and scored a new console. Glad to see the amounts coming down but doubtful my 3000 points are going to win me an auction but I will keep saving and trying. Maybe I will get lucky and snag a sweepstakes! If anyone wants to pay it forward with some points, I'm not to proud to accept charity! Good luck to everyone with your auctions.


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I figured it would be like this. This is why I did not bother trying to earn these points. There is no way I could buy enough soda to earn even close to the amount of points that would be needed to win a console. I think this marketing idea is just not going to be worth the effort. I like the Taco Bell buy a meal get a chance to win a ps4 much better!.

Th every2mintues marketplace opened today. You can use those points to by games, controllers or even xbox game DLC. this way your points don't go to waste

yep.....i hear ya ive been lucky to have alot of dew drinker family and friends who arent trying for them and im always 1 to 2 thousand points under what they are going for....so frustrating when im just that f-ing short!