Every xb1 game has early release in US.why?

I get that this has pretty much been the way since the dawn of the 360,i had to put up with it on that for over a decade.

BUT now there is no region lock,then why do our game retailers in the UK continue to have this 3 days to a week after US release on every xb1 game so far.LOL even the thief pre order dlc appeared on store last night,but hey no game.

I get single player game releases  and to be honest iv not cared for leaderboards or any of that for time now,becaus eof the state of them on the 360,but with titan fall things our different,I already have a solid 12 for our clan on titanfall,and we are all gonna be taking this seriously.

Now isnt it about time especially with online only games we had world wide releases?for me a late online release just means that bit more of a challenge in game to play agaisnt peeps that have had it 3 days early,but come on level the playing field.

And to add with so many worldwide gaming friends USA,CANADA,AUSTRALIA,i literally plan my sleep around this to game with my buddys with all several diffenrt time zones,and to not to have the option to ALL enjoy games on day one release,come on is this gonna change.

Next gen gaming is all about bringing us together as gamers in ONE place to enjoy our hobbie,so when MS when are you gonna do this?


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Great link.

Often wondered that myself.

thank you Az

Great read, makes perfect sense once you know the reasons.

Wow VS that is 1 of the most enjoyable links iv read in a long time,sooo TFI friday is actually a national past time,lol.there are some gems of information on the net that is truely 1 of them. :) nice 1.