Euro 2012 Faults - Rectified.

So , After a swift phone call to Xbox Support about the freezing issues I had with Euro 2012 Last week, and after being told to contact EA (Without Success) I have a phone call from xbox, asking if I can try and load it from a Portable device, I try, it still randomly freezes, and so, The man on the other end of the phone refunds my 1800 MSP, after being previously told it is not possible, and , the kind fellow also said that he would not revoke the license just in case a patch was released in the near future.
I have never had such a satisfying conversation with an xbox employee, When the questionaire comes through, I shall rate it highly, This is the right outcome, and if the freezing issues effected you too, try and get your money back.


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Okay. But why couldn't you just post this in the topic you made few weeks ago? oh and your 'fight the power' gimmick didn't last too long...

"fight the power" ?

Told remain calm, polite and mature and you can get things sorted


But the title of this thread is misleading...the problems with the DLC have not been fixed, you just got a maybe  moderator should edit the title


Go buy minecraft

Rectified lol.


more like rectumfied


Hope you have learned your lesson not to jump in next time.