Euro 2012 Announced As Add On For Fifa 12.

A little dissapointed In that there will probably be only 250G.



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Seems sense to do it like this; 1800 points isn't that bad but still many will say its too much; not decided myself.

I think If We have to pay 15.99 , We should at least get 500G

I think its no better selling it as DLC, if it was 800 odd points yeah, but for £16 for a game you cannot sell on no thanks. Would have preferred to pay £35 for it and then be able to sell it on after the tournament the major problem with DLC is your stuck with it. So £15.99 may sound good but could probably sell it for £20+ anyway so in the long run its the same.

1200 points would of seemed better but i wonder do you get all the new stadiums etc as part of this pack...

Paying for something that you can already do on the game, nice value for suckers.

I have to agree with Don on this one.

I hope clubs like Wales are available. And all the unlicensed european teams in fifa 12 licensed. Like switzerland and russia etc.