Ethernet Port went out

Hey all, so as the topic explains, my ethernet port went out on an older Arcade Xbox 360 model (has HDMI)

I was wondering if I could get a USB to Ethernet adapter, and plug it into one of the 360's USB ports? Would that work?

If that doesnt work, then I assume the only choice to get on Live is to get a wireless adapter? But what if I dont have a wireless router? Are there no other options?


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You would need the one of the official wireless adapters and a Wifi router. That would cost your around $80 for the adapter and a decent wireless router. As far as I know there is no USB Ethernet adapter for the 360 since all models have an Ethernet port built in.


Either invest in wireless setup, get the console repaired through MS, or sell it toward the purchase of a new console. I prefer having everything besides my laptop and tablet connected through Ethernet.

Any USB to Ethernet adapter would require installation of drivers, which you cannot do on the Xbox 360.  I think your only recourse is to either get a wireless adapter or to replace the Xbox 360.  I'm not sure on the costs, but it might be possible to have it sent into Microsoft for repairs.  I would suggest calling up 1-800-4MY-XBOX and asking their support people about your options.

You are correct CodeMonkey05, However I just sold a USB adater that you plug into a USB port and is Internet ready. Here's what I would do Abys. I would go to walmart and buy a wireless router for 50.00 (decent one) and then get the wifi adapter from xbox and you should be golden. I had this problem before. And unfortunally there is no other solution to this. Please let me know if I can further assist you. I have about 10 15 years exp in computer field. I will do what I can.

If the Xbox is under warranty i would call MS support and get it booked in for a service / even if it is not you could still call them and get options on what to do

also does your modem have more than 1 port would try it in another port as it may be dead.

Thanks all, for the replies.

I do actually have a wireless router, I just knew that if I said that I had one, everybody would tell me to just buy the wireless adapter :P   which im not a fan of doing. But i guess thats what i'll have to do.

Thanks again, for the assistance.