ethernet or wireless ?

Just got mine and for now its going to be easier to go wireless ..

Any of you have it wireless and is there any lag?



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Ethernet is always better for gaming.

I would like to know this as well.

I am moving and my new place has 50k internet. Seeing as how I've been living on about 3k for the last 3 years this is a godsend.

The only problem is that the router point in my apartment is a ways away, and I don't want a cable running across my living room.

I've always been a strong supporter of cable over wireless, as I'm picturing every bullet I shoot passing through the air wirelessly to the router. So is wireless that bad? I would like to know as well

I have to agree with Borss.  Going wireless while nice without the cable clutter, but too many potential issues with interference and other things to impact gaming experience.  For some it's great, absolutely no issues, for others it's nothing but a nightmare.  One thing you could try is give wireless a shot, then try ethernet (if possible) and see how your experiences are.  It may not matter, but for some it's ethernet or bust.

Some guy recommended to me some device to somehow send the internet through the electrical outlet to come out the other one near the television.

Despite him looking at me like I'm retarded, I insisted I don't want anything (including electricity) slowing down my signal.

So if i do go wired i will need about a 30+ foot cable LOL...

Any issues with that i wonder ...

Going to do what spark says and just see if there is major differences


Umm you realize that 30 feet of cable is the same distance as 30 feet of wireless right?

Wireless doesn't create some portal between the xbox and the router allowing for double fast internet.

i have everything wired and amazingly fast 1000TX through the house im not complaining

This doesn't really answer his question though, unless you've tried wirelss with amazingly fast 1000TX, and can say that the wired was faster.

So i guess its going to be wireless ...