Established clan moved to a new site - Now recruiting


The British **** Team ( BaT ) has moved to a new site: 

We are looking to recruit people for: MW 3, Gears 3 and Battlefield 3. 

We are long-established and offer a friendly, stable, gaming environment. There is an 18+ policy, however, if you are 16+ we can offer you an extended trial period so we may see if you're suitable. We play in the UK's biggest gaming league ( The WGL ) and we've been successful in recent seasons, finishing as division two champions this season on Black Ops.

We play mostly for fun and enjoy team work. So, if you're tired of gaming with useless randoms in public lobbies that appear to be headless chickens with no tactical nous or communication whatsoever, we might be what you're looking for.

There is a lot of banter and ribbing between the members on both our forums and online and a really friendly atmosphere. However, if you fancy the competitive side of gaming, we do take that seriously. We have set captains, tactics and training sessions held weekly where members can discuss things they've noticed in games and we can try them out.

MW3 and BF3 are out soon and we have a limited amount of spaces available ( unlike some clans, we don't have hundreds of members where you'd be swallowed up to boost the figures, nor do we have a handful of players that are a set clique ) so, please apply if you are interested.

Please feel free to drop by our site and look around and say hello. 

Hope to see you there. 


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not a bump at all, am already in a clan (IOM) and am sure if ya ever want a match we'll be up for it... hardcore mode only TDM and S&D and whatever is new & good in MW3.  We play MW2 and soon to be MW3 only :)

i am looking to join a clan for black ops

looking for a clan that plays Black ops ? Join HSL add me on xbox live HSL2 KANEOD