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The old adage.."If it is not broken..don't fix it"....could not apply more than to the recent ESPN Update for us in Stamford is a Disaster!!!.... complex... convoluted...difficult to Navigate...and no way to exit other than shutting down....are the designers considering the "Human Factor"...or just working in a vacuum to justify their existences!!!


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Not sure how you feel about the app now since it's been almost a month, but I just stumbled across your question and thought I'd reply.

I felt the same at first, but now I really like the new setup.

Hitting the 'Y' button brings up the 'mini-guide' and hitting it again brings up the full 'content guide'.  Adding your 'favorites' from the 'content guide' makes browsing easy from the 'mini-guide'.

While in the guide, up and down on your left thumb stick is your biggest friend to find content.

'X' button brings up the split screen and is a college football lovers dream!

You can exit the app using the 'start' button on your controller.  The 'start' button menu allows you to 'exit' and change many of the app settings.

I use the app more than watching football on regular being able to go back and watch great games that I didn't get to watch live is always a huge plus!

Good luck and take care,