ESPN on Xbox live

I turned on my X-box this morning to find a big advertisement for the BCS national championship game.

I was excited as I don't have cable and couldn't watch the game.  How perfect!  It's on Xbox Live!!  Woohoo!!

I clicked on it, downloaded 3 updates to find out it is:


What the hell is the point of that?  Why even advertise the frigg'n thing? 

Xbox and ESPN can kiss my ****!!


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the same thing happened to me a few months ago. there was a oregon ducks game i didn't want to stay at my sisters house for the whole game so i went home intending to watch the remainder of the game on that. it was blacked out on xbox live as well since it was a local game. craptacular, that was

They don't advertise listings based on your particular region. The interface shows up the same for everyone. Its blacked out because it was being shown on a local cable/satellite channel that you didn't have access to. They will only let you watch broadcasts that are not being shown in your area by any local cable/satellite provider. Hope that helps.