Is anyone else having issues with the espn 3 app on xbox since the last update?  I can get it to work every once in a while, but more often times than not when ever i try to lauch the app i get the message; "Can't retrieve all required information.  Please check your connection or try again later.   You will now be taken back to Xbox dashboard."

     I have deleted and redowned loaded the app a few times now and reset my modem and router a few times as well and still no consistant luck on getting espn 3 to work on my xbox.  (espn 3 still works just fine on my computer) 

     Any ideas on how to get it to work?



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Never tried. I use my 360 for games... An area MS seems to have lost sight of.

yeah lots of cool new games would be ideal, but I'm not sure how that helps my situation.  

Time Warner Cable is supposed to be working on this so subscribers can get ESPN 3, but as of now I can't use it :( sorry

i get the exact same error, it was working fine before the lame update. Way to go MS!!! >:(

Mine was working this it's not...

Is there any reply from XBox at all?  I've tried deleting my update, etc...just doesn't want to work.

I have the same problem..... soooo I wouldnt worrt about it. There probably working out all the kinks now as we speak, it is a completely new interface afterall. My friend was telling me that starting Sept. 8, there going to start charging 8 dollars 2 use the ESPN app... is this true? I thought Gold members get it for free. can anyone verify this for me please....?

I'm having the exact same error message. I watched a quarter of the Boise St/Georgia game, backed out to do something else and now, no matter what I do, I get the same error message, "Can't retrieve all required information."

It was working 5 minutes ago. Everything else on XBL works fine. Infuriating.

...Here's a half-@@@ hint to anyone else who is struggling with this.

1) Go to the Dashboard and clear your system cache

2) Go back into ESPN3

3) Go straight to your game immediately and don't switch or call up the guide or ANYthing

4) If you do something, prepare to repeat steps 1-3 within a few minutes.

Hope you want to watch what they pick for you!

Tried above^^^ and still couldn't get it to work....  Think i have had it work for me like 2 maybe 3 times since the update.  Hope this gets resolved soon, i was excited about all the college football on there....  

Go to MEMORY / GAMES / ESPN CONTENT. Delete Espn content, but not the espn app which appears right before it. After you delete it, launch espn again. It should do a quick update, then load right up. I did this with 2 consoles & have had zero problems since. Worth a shot.

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