ESO giving away a million dollars

This post is a little late but you have until midnight to play and sign up for a chance to win


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Game has pretty much died.  It just does not have the staying power of other MMORPGs.

My son liked the game but didn't play it for a while, then got left behind, he would play it again but he would need to put to much time in to catch up and he's not sure its possible anyway, he says most mmo's suffer from the same issue.

One of the reasons he stopped play was the no cross platform saves.

He also finds many mmo's suffer from an elitist attitude which he hates.

I haven't played in months that giveaway did get me to play last night though not sure how many players they have but its probably better odds than any lottery

There are just too many things broken with it that Zenimax refuses to fix like the broken grouping system.  They need to do like FFXIV ARR did and make it like the Duty Finder where it searches for people wanting to do specific dungeons/delves whatever you want to call them.  People have been complaining about that since the beginning of this game and it is still not fixed.  That is one of the main reasons people have pretty much stopped playing compared to a couple of months ago.  I get on every now and then but it is rarely for more than an hour then I move on to something else.  The community is just not there now.

I put in about 300 hours on PS4 playing most of the main faction quests with a friend, and running a bit of PvP with guildmates.  Recently picked up a copy for Xbox One to play a bit with other friends.

For all its flaws, ESO is still an incredibly fun game.  I disagree with DaveyBoy about falling behind, though.  There's really no such thing in this game.  No matter where you are you'll find loads of other people questing, leveling new characters.  In the same way as Destiny, it's more fun with friends, but at least there is now a cross-faction group finder that seems to be greatly improved.  All dungeons on group finder are now VL16 and low level characters get a flat buff to make them competitive (but don't try this at low levels, since you're missing a lot of gear and passives from skyshards).

Xbox One has been super crowded with players in the first three area maps of Daggerfall.  PvP Campaign servers are full every weekend, with a queue to get in.  I get guild invites left and right, and some of them are very active traders.  Hard to say where any game will end up in the future, but with some solid DLC and new quests for the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood coming out this year, I expect it to be lively for a while.

lol, comparing Destiny levelling with ESO is just silly.

If you are comparing the same, no one is playing VOG or Crota, so I assume based on your comparision no one is doing nothing except the current dungeons which means you agree with me. :-p