Error message that i wonder if it was a hack...


I was playing COD Ghosts and got an error code on the screen that i should have taken a pic of.... I can't remember the other user's name/game tag, but it basically looked like this: ""user's gametag" has more that 120 bones, please consults your xbox console for details." I think it was just after a multiplayer game had crashed midgame...

Does xbox give goofy error messages? It looked as though that someone had personally made that message pop up on my screen... Could it be a hack attempt, or just an error from the game crashing? The multiplayer game had ended, but i was still in the game. In the staging area before a match.

Just wondering what your thoughts are...




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Ghosts was hacked before it was even released,what you saw was probably a result of this.

ah, gotcha. thanks! so it wasn't anything directly attempting to access my console most likely?


Its just people trying to prestige and cheat, like they always do on cod games.


If you get into any lobbies with these kind of signs you should leave it asap.

No payload. Nothing i know allows direct access to someones Xbox. (Except smartglass in a limited fashion)

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If you get into any lobbies with these kind of signs you should leave it asap.


Best way is to Dashboard out as quick as you can OP.

Thanks guys! I've played xbox for awhile, but this is the first time i've lived anywhere with high speed internet, so i was a bit nervous. I keep getting messages on my xbox to send me a security code. So i thought that as much as that security code message pops up, i should be worried of a security risk... lol I've since turned that message off. thanks again!