Error enter digital code in the Premium Battlefield 3

I bought the game disc Premium. In the box I found two discs: Disc 1 Disc 2 online company and in the box and lay the booklet with the digital code in the Premium version. I entered the code from your account Xbox. I thought that after the establishment of the update appear premium status in Battlefield 3 (in the booklet has been written that the code can not be entered with the account Xbox, the contrary is stated that introduced so) However, reading the forums I discovered that already online Hboks in the description games of Battlefield 3 ™ Premium stated: "If you buy Battlefield 3 ™ Premium, the supplement will be available in-game store. DO NOT upload them through the store Xbox Games, not to pay a second time."
I ask you to help me whether it is possible to reset the code for what I would have brought him into the in-game store ??? or in my account to activate it ??? Why supplier of games did not indicate that the code obyazatno introduced into the in-game store ??? I hope for your understanding in this situation


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