I have recently read that as an Xbox gamer and someone who has spent much time on the system, that I have a sense of Entitlement. I agree. I'm entitled to get what I pay for, when I'm supposed to, to have a network that is reliable and a community that is policed appropriately. Please read below the post I refer to.

"On here we are sick to death of people ranting about what they think they are entitled to for free, or what they are currently being given free is not good enough.

You buy and play games for your own entertainment, you are not doing microsoft any favours, you are entitled to nothing."

I'm not sure what he talking about, as in 12 years I have received nothing for free, been double-billed, had my account hacked, my GT spoofed and finally my account made inaccessible by Microsoft's security updates. I have removed my GT and account from my xbox and now play offline only. The idiot that wrote the above comment, Lizard perhaps you can qualify his remarks, has summed it up perfectly. Give your money and time, buy the consoles, upgrade to gold, play on the network for years, make some friends. In 2 days, due to poor support, console issues and comments like the above, I dropped everything. All my DLC and what was left on my pre-paid gold account sacrificed in the name of poor service, support and security.

The only thing I've felt I was "entitled" to was what I paid for and haven't received.


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Well done on totally misquoting me.

At no point did i say people should not be entitled to what they pay for.

My point was, no user is entitled to free stuff simply because they have been a customer for a length of time.

I also feel very strongly against those people that come here ranting on the 29th of each month that the free games for gold "are not good enough"

At no point did i mention being double billed,hacked, gt spoofed or inaccessible etc,etc.

If you are going to quote someone and call them an idiot, GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT FIRST.

It's a Dog eat dog world OP.

I don't play online for much the same reasons either, but I wouldn't give up my tag, games with gold, DLC etc in protest over it.  

Want to make Live better? Then it starts with dumping the propaganda we all were programmed into since birth. For even if we (gamers) ran the system, it would no doubt be run much the same as it is now.

Perks. I paid for Gold, initially for Halo 4 Spartan Ops a few years back.

On that note: Please make H4:Sp Ops available offline for the 360

Even though I no longer game online. I have nonetheless received a return on my latest 12 month sub (March to March 2016) with Gold by way of GwG.

Oh, well. For what it's worth: My 2 Cents!

The network is reliable,i've been on xbox live since about 2003 & in all that time live has been down about 4 times.

It is policed properly,just have a look at the ban/suspension forums.

Your gamertag wasn't "spoofed",just because you've picked a gamertag that doesn't mean someone else is not entitled to make a variation off that tag if they want.

Your account can't be "hacked" & setting up security proofs is a very simple process,not sure how it's Microsofts fault if you can't follow the easy steps.

I haven't had too many problems with xbox live in my time. Of course, the original xbox 360 and the 5 repairs I had to go through, but ever since, it's been going great. Yeah xbl goes out once in a while, but that's life and it's bound to happen. Sometimes mistakes happen, XBL isn't perfect either, so mistakes are bound to happen.

Badger, I have more diplomas on my wall than you would think. One is an MCSE. It's not the steps to follow, it's the service when the steps don't work. You, Owen and Doc seem to have a tag-team thing here. I'm sorry that I share a different opinion than yours, based on years in this industry, but I do. To have Ambassadors explain why I'm wrong is counter productive, and frankly insulting. I'm not the only one saying these things. I never have been. The strong push-back from people with vested interests only adds to the problem. You obviously have an agenda, as I do. Mine is to explain to people to be careful before going on Live. They need to know that MS cannot be depended on to secure their system, and even after a problem, is very slow to react. Yours simply seems to be try and discredit the people making these comments. Things haven't changed in these forums in 12 years. Same people think they have more power than they do. Same people think others want or care about their opinions.

Better get back to work before your boss discovers you're playing around on his network again. :-)

Russtafarian just because you have diplomas on your wall means jack. Unless one of those is for Microsoft xbox 360 coding. Gawds spares from Masters/Phd s who think since they is smart. They is smart at ALL THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE KNOWN UNIVERSES and all unknown ones as well.

@Russta -- I understand your frustrations, but the vast majority of us have never experienced those things, so we come on here to tell the same people you're trying to tell, "that it isn't as bad as this one person makes it out to be."

Also, while gamerscore is not the end all/be all for gaming experience(s), how does one play Xbox for 12 years and only accrue a 2675 score?!

Anyways, best of luck to you.

"Same people think others want or care about their opinions."

Yet more irony.

One diploma on your wall would be one more than I thought.

If the service was as bad as you make out then these forums would be full of people complaining.

We have voiced our experiences with xbox live,they are not the same as yours so we must be in the wrong.

As for the "boss" comment,not exactly sure what that is supposed to mean.

I personally believe russ is lying and has an agenda.  For someone to spread the same post across a few negative threads  (in my opinion) proves my belief in his agenda.  

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