Enough is Enough 12 Years+ What the Heck Happen to Xbox Live I knew ?

I Helped over the Past 12 years in getting Xbox Live to where it is today. What bothers me Is the Daily Outages We as gold Me members access of 70+ Dollars annually for What Daily Outages ? Heck in Summer 2002 50 xbox live beta testers Playing modified xbl Moto GP1 demo didn't have these kinds of Issues Halo 2 We Held are Breathe 2005 to today the xbox 360 xbox One generation of xbox live services are a Mess Xbox Needs to get this crap fixed. the plan was to have a stable system while still adding updates No Implement and watch it crash. take down part of the service crashing unforeseen issues. this is all Un acceptable we as gamers pay to much for this service for these kinds of Outages to go on. This stuff Needs to be better planned Applied in a non disruptive way.

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50 people had less trouble on a network than millions? Now that is a shocker.

Plus don't buy your sub from Microsoft. 12 months Gold can be had for $40 from Amazon, shop around and you can find it even cheaper. Buying direct is the worst possible option.

I am Mikro One of the Original core Xbox Live Beta testers I was on xbl before accounts went live in spring 2002 on Original Xbox I got to test things like xbox nic to server connectivity I also was the first to try a credit union issues debit/credit card to sign up I was on xbl before Major Nelson aka Larry Hryb ever thought of his dream job I was on xbl when Eric Neustadter and xbox networking team were figuring things out. Unbelievable most everyone still here. So who's Trolling now ?

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If OP was part of the Original team, He would have icons on his gamer tag to prove it.

I smell a rat.

I never have any outages.