Enforcement United Troubles.

Hello, thank you for coming here to view my problem, and hopefully, you can help.

I ran into maybe a glitch I would say, or something, I don't know what's going on.

I'm an xbox live ambassador, and I applied to join the Enforcement United program, but sadly,

it says i'm missing one reqiurment, and that's being and Ambassador, and if you look at my name on the forums,

as you can clearly see, I am an ambassador, I tried calling xbox support, they told me that's out of there power to 

help me with it, and I've literally tried everything, if someone can help me, that would be super appeciative.

Thank you fellow Xbox gamers. 

- Harvack


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Hmm weird.  Try logging out and back in , deleting your cookies, and using a different browser.  If that doens't work, i'd try tweeting @XboxSupport