Enforcement United and XBLPET Explained

I often see Ambassadors and other community members who seem to have some confusion around the differences between Enforcement United and the Enforcement team, or just all around what the Enforcement team actually is. So I’ll try to give a short summary with a bunch of links right here. 

What you need to know about Enforcement United and Enforcement 
To start off, Enforcement United and Enforcement are two completely different things and should not be compared to each other.  
When talking about Enforcement we talk about the Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement Team also know as XBLPET as you might of seen when roaming the suspension forums the gamertags will be XBLPET Alpha to Zulu and anything in between or more. Those people are hired by Microsoft, it’s their job to keep Xbox Live a safe and fun place for the rest of the community. These are the people that will investigate reports that are made against players and they will Enforce actions onto it when necessary. This includes but is not limited to suspending people for a certain period of time, banning their account, resetting gamerscores or in a very bad scenario a console ban. 
When having an Enforcement action taken against your account be it a forced Gamertag change, suspension or ban you can contact them by submitting a case review through the Enforcement.Xbox.com website. Is case review not available? Then you can still contact them through the suspension forums. 
Xbox Enforcement links 
Xbox Enforcement website (log in to access all features):  
A full list of Enforcement actions with more information can be found here:
Suspension notifications and inquiries: 
Enforcement Myths can be found here:  
Info about reputation can be found here: 
Suspension Forum for Xbox360 
Suspension Forum for Xbox One 
Enforcement United 
When discussing Enforcement United it’s crucial to include the “United” part and not just calling it Enforcement I can’t stress this enough as not calling it with its full name can be seen as impersonating an Xbox Live Employee which is a violation of the Code of Conduct which I suggest all Ambassadors should read http://www.xbox.com/legal/codeofconduct  
While Enforcement United is a BETA program which is currently open to Xbox Ambassadors who meet the requirements, its purpose is to gather information which feeds into an algorithm from the actual Enforcement team to make their system more accurate to what the community seems to find offensive. Ambassadors have the ability to “flag” a Gamertag; appropriate, inappropriate or skip the tag. THIS IS NOT A FINAL DECISION. The XBLPET (Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement Team) will have a final say in whether a tag is offensive or not. The EU BETA is just used to make their automatic algorithm more accurate, yet again automatic does not mean automatic ban/suspension because all reports and people flagged by the algorithm are still investigated by hand. 
More information about Enforcement United and how it works can be found here:  
And to end this with a quote from the Enforcement website which can’t be stressed enough 
But I’m a member of Enforcement United! 
We appreciate your participation in Enforcement United! However, please keep in mind that Enforcement United is a volunteer community program, and taking part in the program does not make you an enforcement agent or member of Xbox Live Policy & Enforcement Team. The Enforcement United Terms of Use notes that participants should not represent themselves as Microsoft employees, vendors, or agents, and attempts to falsely use Enforcement United participation as a source of authority may result in a suspension due to impersonation. 


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