End of Live 2016 rumors

Was wondering came across a thread online and was wondering if it's true or false and what best place to ask so is Xbox Live for the 360 ending in 2016 like everyone is predicting of is that false info Thanks.


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When you use the words "rumours and predicting", isn`t it obvious?

^^ Exactly.

There is no where to ask because no one knows.

If someone high up at Microsoft/xbox does know they haven't officially announced it yet so everything you've read/heard is just rumours.

My personal belief is that Live for the 360 will go in 2017.

The Xbox One will be four years old by then and Microsoft will want people to start moving onto it. So even if the 360 remains profitable, it wouldn't surprise me to see them take that hit in an attempt to get people to move to the newer system.

The og xbox live was supported for 4 years after they stoped making games for it. It was nowhere near as intigraded as the 360 is so i dont think live will be shut down anytime soon. They havent even stoped making games for 360 yet.