Emulator says I have a silver instead of Gold.

I just renewed my gold subscription but when I go to play GOW on backwards compatibility it says I need a gold online profile to play online.  Does anybody know anything else that can help me out or someone who went through something similar to this?  Thank you :)


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Do a hard reset on your system and that may fix it.  If it does not then I would contact support.

It did not.  I have contacted support, they do not know of the issue, this is a preview update issue and xbox support has no info.

Post in the preview forums so they can log the bug.  I dont think there is a temp fix as of right now though.

Thank you for the information, I will do that.

So is this a widespread issue in the preview program? Or at least a consistent issue across a number of users?

I only ask because this used to happen on the 360 and have seen quite a few in the Xbox One support forums, on the 360 deleting the profile and re-downloading it used to sync up the gold sub and has worked on the Xbox One as well.

Delete Profile: support.xbox.com/.../remove-profile-from-console

Download Profile: support.xbox.com/.../download-your-xbox-live-profile-to-another-xbox-one-console

If the issue is common across the preview program though, just ignore the above and post in the preview forums as others have suggested.

Are you the Primary Account on the Console?

Mrs Azrael had to pay for her own LIVE on the 360 (well I bought it for her) but she plays for free on the ONE.

That would be a crazy Emulation twist.

In the Xbox One Settings there is an option to Clear the local Xbox 360 cache.  I'm not sure if it will help But it's worth a shot. If not, post on the preview support forum.