Editing Gameing History.

I remember at one point XBox Live gave us the chance to delete games from out playlist history if we never got an achievement from it.

My question is: Why did XBox Live get rid of that feature? My brother played a game that i have no interest in playing on my console, and it got left in when i loaded my profile. I don't want to play that game, & it bothers the hell out of me seeing it up there in my history. Please let me get rid of it.


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The feature is still there for any game with zero unlocked achievements.

Push the guide button, go to the "games" blade and select achievements. Highlight any 0 of 0 game and push "X" to delete the history.

Sorry, but no such luck. the feature has gone missing for me. I have 2 or 3 games with no achievements, & i just can't get rid of them.

You're sure you're doing it from the Guide, the "blades" that pop up when you press the controller's Guide (Xbox, "pearl") button? That's the only place you can do it. You should be able to delete Monopoly Streets and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, for example. (Those are the first two I see on your history with no achievements.)

You can also delete Halo Waypoint if you like, but it will come back after you launch it again. Also, deleting it might disable its avatar awards until you get it back in your history.

I haven't really tried it lately but I do know the few times I did it, they worked.

The feature is still there. I deleted a game from my history yesterday.

Just personally tested it out (with instructions shown in previous post) and yes it does work. Just press the 'Xbox Guide' button (the big middle button on the controller you use when checking inbox, friends, etc), press left to access the Games tab (or 'blade'), press 'A' on Achievements (first link at the top), then just scroll down the list to whatever game is shown with 0 gamerscore points and you will notice at the bottom of the screen there's an option to press 'X' and delete it from gaming history.

Hope you get it to finally work, and happy gaming!