ECL 3 Announced!


Today we are pleased to announce the next European Console League LAN event, ECL Loughborough also known as ECL3.

ECL3 will take place at Loughborough University from the 30th-31st July. ECL's summer event will include two solid days of gaming and socialising with pre-registration taking place on the Friday evening.

Tickets will go on sale within the next 10 days. Tickets will be priced as follows:

Team Pass Ticket (Includes entry to 4x 4v4) will cost £240
Individual Player Ticket (Includes entry to 1x 4v4) will cost £60
FIFA Player Ticket (Includes entry to 1v1) will cost £25
Street Fighter Ticket (Includes entry to 1v1) will cost £25
Starcraft II Ticket (Includes entry to 1v1) will cost £25
Spectator Weekend Pass will cost £20
Spectator Day Pass will cost £10

The Games
ECL Loughborough will see the re-inclusion of a beat-em up title along with the introduction of our first PC title with ECL’s inaugural StarCraft 2 tournament. There will be no FFA event with cash prizes at ECL Loughborough. The full event line-up includes:

• Halo: Reach (360)
• Call of Duty: Black Ops (360 & PS3)
• Gears of War (360)
• FIFA 2011 (360)
• Super Street Fighter IV (360)
• Starcraft II (PC)

Prize Fund
ECL3 will have a prize fund of £16,000. However, since the event is only two days we will no longer host any Free For All Tournaments with cash prizes. The break down for ECL3 will be as follows:

Call of Duty: Black Ops (360) - £5000 - 1st £2500, 2nd £1500, 3rd £1000
Halo: Reach - £3750 - 1st £2000, 2nd £1000, 3rd £750
Gears of War - £2750 - 1st £1500, 2nd £850, 3rd £400
Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3) - £1500 - 1st £850, 2nd £400, 3rd £250
FIFA 11 (360) - £1000 - 1st £600, 2nd £300, 3rd £100
Super Street Fighter (360) - £1000 - 1st £600, 2nd £300, 3rd £100
Starcraft II (PC) - £1000 - 1st £750, 2nd £150, 3rd £100

New To ECL
After a successful event in Blackpool, we are still striving to improve Europe's premier console LAN event. We're pleased to bring you details of what changes, improvements, and new additions you can expect at ECL Loughborough to make your experience even better.

For the first time, ECL will be providing accommodation for an additional fee. Rooms will be available at Loughborough University through the ECL website. More information on this type of accommodation will be released shortly.

Drinks and Snacks
ECL will also be providing our own on-site catering at the event. We will be listening to your suggestions for food, drinks and snacks that you would like have at the event.

ECL2 ran to a tight schedule. No doubt though, there is room for improvement and with ECL3 now running over two days, you can expect an even greater focus on efficiency.

Improved Coverage
ECL Blackpool's stream was a huge success with nearly 500,000 hits over the course of the event. At ECL Loughborough we plan to bring you more photos, videos, and coverage on partner sites and associated media websites.

Admin and Refs
Once again we will have game specific admin stations as this proved to be a success at ECL2. We will aim to provide a better means of displaying the brackets for all the games. We will also aim to provide alternative methods of admin alerting teams to go to the correct stations to play their games.

Station Signage
As per the community feedback, we will have free standing signs denoting the number of each station to prevent any confusion.

Travel Guide
We have put together an extensive travel guide that should help anyone looking to attend the event. Click the following link to view the Travel Guide:

Link coming shortly!

If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact Chris Marsh at *** Email address is removed for privacy *** or Josh Nino at *** Email address is removed for privacy ***

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