EasyCap USB 2.0 Capture Card: Question???

have been thinking about getting a EasyCap to record some of my game play and uploading it to my YouTube channel, and was wondering if anyone already as one and would they recommend it for my needs.

  • Whats the record and audio qualI ity like? (I know its splittes a standard def single in two, so its not going to be great but is it watchable?).
  • Is the software it comes with any good?
  • Is the hardware reliable?

Happy Gaming to all.



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Connecting a game console over a TV tuner to PC is not recommended, because most tuners are analog input. If a digital source is connected, it decodes its signal to analog, then the tuner chip encodes the analog signal back to digital to be displayed/heard on the PC. Unless your PC has a very fast CPU and the tuner has a fast encoder, that setup is unrecommended, you can get ping issues between what actually happens on the console and what is displayed/heard on the PC. Or use a tuner with a HDMI input to record digitally directly, but even in this case a fast PC is required to record HD, and I even doubt that TV tuners with HDMI are exist on the market.

The capture card is not a Tv tuner. It splittes the signal in half, 1 source to a tv with is set to standard deff and 2nd sourse to a usb recording device connected to my laptop. I have been recording gameplay with a simalier method but using a borrowed camcorder. There are many HD capture cards on the market but they start at about £50.

The EasyCap is about £10 and I posted to find out if its any good.

Cheers for the reply anyway m8.