EA's Project $10 Goes One Step Too Far?

Project $10 = Inserting a token with brand new games that let you play multiplayer etc...pre-owned buyers must pay 800msp to get access.

Ok, let me start by saying something : I'm looking for the opinions of a certain group of people in this thread, those who support Project $10. I am one of those people. I believe that without it, developers lose too much money via the pre-owned sector and on the whole the industry suffers. Those of you already against it, who hate paying for the multiplayer part if you rent a game will hate this too, so probably not much point posting.

On to the matter at hand :

With the release of Alice Returns this week, P10D has taken a new direction. The game features no multiplayer, and as EA have realised they can't charge you for MP if it doesn't exist, they've gone down a different route. With all new copies of AMD, you get a free bonus copy of the original game : American Mgees Alice. Awesome huh? Yeah, for those that rent it no problem, you just miss out on the original game.

But there's a catch - Included into the original achievment list of the game (the 1000g) is 6 achievments worth a total of 100g that correspond to the AMA game. That's right, those who rent or buy pre-owned can't get the full 1000g, you're stuck on 900g. Unless of course, you pay the 800msp and download the game once paid for.

So, what are your opinions on this? As a supporter of P10D, I've not decided yet. I mean, technically its the same. If you want to experience the full game and a MP mode, you pay 800 points. And most MP modes contain achievments. So, I guess pre-owned buyers can't get the full 1000g that way either.

But this seems different, as its basically forcing you to pay to play a different game? Anyway, as I said I'm on the fence about this one. I know devs need the money, and I hope they get it. But just a bit unsure on the method this time around.

It won't effect me as I'll buy it new anyway, but still. Just looking for peoples opinions.

No source article as this is just my own ramblings, but Alice : Madness Returns achievment list is here, where you can see the 6 achievments I'm talking about.


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It's not much different than L.A.Noire, I got that game on release from shopto so I got no free bonus DLC yet from the second I played it shown me having XX of 1200GS, the only way to avoid this was to buy the DLC or R* pass, it only matters if gamerscore and completion ratios matters to you, in my case it doesn't.

That said it is a crappy stunt to pull, as is day 1 DLC, but it's not going to get better, it's just the way this industry works now.

Seeing as I don't really give a toss about achievement completion stuff I don't really see it as being any different to your regular old online pass. Charging for DLC that is already on the disk after you have payed full price for the game is worse IMO.

Thats pure genius!!!!!


Completionists must now pay 800points to get the final 100 cheeve points!! if i had a hat on, right now i would be dothing it in the general direction of EA.


Again, genius!!!


Easy thing to do is, wait till the games price drops, as most, if not all, inevitably do after a few weeks, then buy it new!!!!


I dont see what to problem would be if as you say the multiplayer is not included on the game its a seperate part that comes as a bonus to buying the original. As for achievements, well they are not my thing so i dont really care about that at all.



If however you think its reasonable to have the multiplayer aspect of the game disabled if you have bought the game second hand then I would disagree it seems harsh to me. There is nothing you can show that will prove little johnny buying a pre owned game for a tenner would if that was not available have bought the game new for much more. Lets face it if little johnny was going to buy the game a market price or near as damn it then he would have before when it was popular wouldnt he.



Now when little johhny buys a second hand game from any retailer that retailer sells him it with a guarantee that it is fit for purpose and if one of the listed purposes includes MP then I cant see how they can sell them should  EA stop those second hand buyers from being able to utilise MP.



That means the second hand market will crash and a lot of stores who rely on that for turnover that keeps their shops afloat will go bust puttin lots of people out of work, All that so a few greedy people who develop and market the games want paying twice for the same game.



That second hand game has been paid for and now the owner is selling it on something that happens with everything in life from your house to the food on your table, Yet here we are now with you and your ilk saying that its ok for 99.9% of things in life to be used like that but not computer games we must and we have an obligation to keep on paying the developers because they need the money.........



What would you say if the builder who built your house poppen in and told you that to resell your house you will have to either get your vendor to pay 25% of the original price or you will have to pay just so you can sell it and the new owners live in it with the excuse of 'But I didnt build it so you could sell it on, If you do that then I cant sell this other house I have'



You may and probably do think that analogy is not the same but it is one developer wants to sell his product and keep charging new owners to use it the other doesnt. You  seem to think its ok, well you have more money than sense......



Fight me on xbox live RTCW :) you know you want to...


Fight me on xbox live RTCW :) you know you want to...

Its different to L.A Noire as the original 1000G were still available without the DLC. I think a game should have 1000G out of the box, and then any further DLC should have achievements.

I don't think they should expect people to pay 800MSP to get achievements within that 1000G bracket.

The problem with P10D is the MP side of a lot of games is only popular for a few months after that  getting a game online is almost impossible but you wont find that out until you've  spent your money. Paying for  DLC for extra achievements is one thing but to have to spend money to get the standard 1000 is a bit of a liberty.

So, the game is $10, and people are still moaning its not a second hand bargain.

Surely the whole point is to make second hand games unattractive. At $10, they should ban second hand copies all together. Make it download only.

He's not saying the game is $10.

It you can not physically get the achievements from the retail game without having to buy a online pass if they are MP related then they should not be included in the game. EA have really taken the **** now! Many compalined that this was the case with Tiger Woods '12 but they where wrong as you didn't need DLC to get the 1000g.

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