EA UFC problems. Just me or all?

Hey guys, obviously this is about EA UFC game that released today. I had the demo and enjoyed it very very much and had absolutely no problems. As im playing through the career mode i am definitely experiencing some freezing of the game. Is it just me or is this something that the game is suffering from? Literally during fights or the training sessions the fight will at times just freeze for like 1 second and then continue it can make it difficult when trying o maneuver a submission or transitions. Also the menu in the my career mode goes slow when increasing attributes and such. Anyone can respond that has the game are you having similar issues?


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I also enjoyed the demo I purchased the full game on release day i am also having alot of glitching at least 3 times per fight I have not had any problems with the menu tho

Hopefully they will patch it soon for you guys.

Yep good ole EA.

reason i aint buying this game

The Demo seemed very promising, but the reviews are sinking it.

I was going to purchase it, but I need to finish Tomb Raider and DR3.

same but decided not to longest fight i had on the demo was 52 seconds so im gunna get sniper elite 3 instead

I was going to purchase this today but Ill think Ill wait a while for EA to sort out the bugs. Plus I need to finish Watchdogs, Tomb Raider and Dead Rising 3. Too many games and not enough time!

This game is running smooth as butter for me.  I haven't had any issues yet.  

In the demo I was getting easy K.O.'s.  Now the game is making me work for it.  If feels very realistic.  I can't wait to get off work today to jump back in.  

This game will prolong watchdogs for me.  It's going to be a month or two before all the other games start dropping.

its not just you, i have the same issues. that and not being able to play online with a friend because they are having server issues. Thats EA for ya, typical issues from EA games

My main issue is online connectivity. I've gotten disconnected in the middle of an online match a few times.