Ea Servers never connecting!

Hey all,

Just a quick question for anyone that may know; Every Ea game inc BFBC1 & 2, BF1943, madden 11 and so on never connects to the ea servers when loading up. Only started having this happen about a month ago was always ok before then.

I always get the message saying "Failed to Connect to EA Online".

Now if i reset my router then sign back in it connects, but sod doing that all the time!

Any ideas or help will be be greatly appreciated. :D


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You tried contacting EA mate,

three cheers for EA lets hope they fix this in time for Battlefield 3

EA servers are atrocious, the company is diabolical yet they expect you to buy an online pass for second hand games maybe if they didn't have so many problems plus shutting them down within a few years the value is a big FU

I never really had problems until 2 weeks back. I was having a blast before I went on holiday . I couldnt access the server so had to download the extra course through the marketplace (thankfully) . Theyre shocking saying how much money etc they have.

Its not the kind of thing Id expect from a games company at all, very poor really