EA servers down again for me and a few people.

The ea servers have been buggy for the past few days for me and a few of my mates as we just cannot get on them on FIFA. My brother who is in the same house as me on the same connection can connect fine but I cannot. Why dont EA ever do anything about it? What makes me even more angry is the fact they do the online pass for dodgy servers. Its ok for other games which use the pass when their servers are fine but with fifa the servers are dodgy 50% of the time. Is anyone else having problems connecting?


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And they have the cheek to charge for an online pass if you dont purchase new, and this is what you get poor servers with lag that shut down in a few years great value for money

EA have always been poor especially in their sports franchises i think FIFA 11 has the worst online servers i have ever come across.

im having the problem

I can't connect to FIFA at all. Possibly because I don't have the game.

Hope that helps.

All Xbox Servers are down for some reason NOOOO

I have had no probs with tiger woods...dont play fifa anymore really as its full of cheaters now!!

EA SUCKS it's in the game


When EA servers have an issue it tends to affect multiple games online...Fifa tends to get hit more often then most but its still an annoying issue when you want to play their games online.

@tombs75. Yet its in your last 5 played games [:S]