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Im thinking about buying the season pass and I was wondering if anyone could help with a query I have about it. If i buy it now I get the ultimate team packs for 22 weeks when the new fifa comes out will I get new packs or will I have to wait until I renew the pass one year to get the packs? Thanks for any help


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i wouldnt bother as you will be missing out on aload of packs as someone else said thes are not back dated and most likely will stop soon. Wait till the summer to purchase the season pass as thats when the new line of EASports titles start to come out

and packs wont be backdated

Thanks everyone, I think I shall wait based on your advice. When I was reading the EA description it sounded like the pack started from your purchase date. I shall buy it just before the new Madden comes out then

You will probably get the 'early' downloadable version of FIFA 14, but I doubt you will get any packs for FIFA 14. You'll get some for FIFA13.

And the pass is for all major EA sports games. That includes NFL, NHL and I'm not sure if there are any others. 

I thought the season pass was specific to the game and not the series?

you will get it now if you buy the pass as fifa is out in less than a year. What exactly you will get from the next fifa via the pass nobody knows yet

I think its for all games not just FIFA... I'm not fully sure though. As for the packs its just for the current FIFA.