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  I have a 360 Elite that I rarely get to play.  I go in tonight because I bought Rocksmith and wanted to try it out.  The console tells me there is an update as soon as I boot it.  I say to proceed, and it downloads quickly and goes to reboot.  After reboot, I get an E74 message.  E74 seems to be related to "overheating:... which is ludicrous with the 3 minutes the console was on.  Then I find out I can send it in for $79 to fix it.  I am pretty upset that it seems to be more of a failed update that is giving this code.  Has anyone fixed this with some type of software flash?  I find it VERY hard to believe it got toasted while updating...heck, there wasn't even a disc to add heat from it spinning. 


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E74 is due to a hardware failure and does need to be repaired.  


The warranty period for this purchase is 3 years from the date of purchase.  It sounds like your console just chose a bad time to finally bite the bullet.

I don't think an update would have killed your console.

Thank you, I have read those things online.  If it did choose a bad time to bite the bullet, it definitely was not from overheating, which is what the lower right red light on the ring indicates.  I have worked with many products and this is acting just like something that took a bad flash or bios update and bricked.  I am hoping someone has found a way to try and work around this via software, or at least get into some other type of software console.  Since I have a message coming up on screen, there must be some functionality through the boards....