Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3

So I notice there isn't a forum for this game at all, quite annoying as I really would like to speak to other players. Reckon a mod might see this and create one? There are forums for the previous 2 games but none for this. I know it is a bit of a niche game, but I still like it :p


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i played dynasty warriror 7 thats was gd is this game any gd is it much longer ??/

would i like this if i liked the first two or have they gone and changed it too many ?

This is probably the best ever Dynasty Warriors game released to date.


What makes it the same as other Dynasty Warriors games is that you'll spend time fighting your way through 1000's of enemies taking over fields and defeating the enemy commander.


What seperates it from previous Dynasty Warriors games is the deep level of polish.


Graphically the cell shaded art style makes it look just like the anime cartoons and there is so much going on in the game it is amazing that the frame rate never drops.


There is a cast of over 40 characters and 40 seperate mobile suits with tons of parts and plans to unlock.


In many ways "Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3" is like Pokemon... leaving you feeling you have to "catch them all".


Online is really busy because if you want the best plans for your suits you have to go online.


Missions online aren't too long and you don't necessarily need a microphone to enjoy an online game and still be able to communicate easily with your Team.


Great game that will certainly give you your money's worth.



i like fist of the north star i've almost finished it with Kenshiro now

will get it this weekend most probs :)

It is was you expect from a Dynasty Warriors game, with what some people may call "repetition", I call slaughtering hordes of enemy mobile suits. The best part is I LOVE GUNDAMS!! Brings back good childhood memories watching it and still is a favourite of mine. Having seen quite a few Gundam series I can say that being able to pilot some of my favourite ones, it never gets boring! (for me). I would recommend the game if you are a big Gundam fan like me :D

Also, can anyone please help me with viewing my player card? I can see everyone elses but not my own :s

Has anybody played Gundam 2?

I played the demo of Gundam 1 and I didnt really like it.

yeah i've got 1 and 2. 2 is pretty much the same as one but they seem to have included these massive robots that take stages to destroy i didn't get the hang of it.

I have Gundam 2, the demo of 1 was a little bit terrible. I put in over 100 hours into it and still haven't completed it. Just a heads up, they aren't robots, they are mechs piloted by people, difference. Gundam 3 is by far the best one.

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