Dynamic or standard on samsung led?

On all my other tvs iv used the dynamic setting, then messed about with the display a little till seems right. The game mode is always crap so don't need people suggesting that. Because LED black actualy turns the pixels off so this means that the choice is diffrent because that has to be taken into account. I have a Samsung. It seemed ok and right on dynamic but when i played gears of war the parts that were black or dark areas, the black went kinda blue? So I switched to standard and this was sorted. Iv tried to get the settings looking as deep in Colour an that. The bonus tho about standard is that you get the advanced display options, like the dynamic contrast and the black level an so on. I'm kinda OCD with this kinda stuff. So i can spend days trying to find the right option. So what mode do you use? What's best and why?

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ok so im a month late on this but i googled standard or dynamic for xbox n was sent to this n being as im searching this question bcus im on GOW its safe to say its this game. i know i constantly switch back n forth between ingame brightness and my LED samsung. i hope this helps but iv been playing gears on dynamic with backlight 20, contrast 100, brightness between 40-45, sharpness 100, color 50 and turned all energy light saving  ECO stuff off so the lights are fully lit and from there tinkered with the ingame brightness. BUT...i just went through an hour checking out standard and i found the perfect fit with default ingame brightness but every other game now looks horrible. i suggest honestly switching to standard just for gears and use that dynamic for everything else. BTW i have a nice tv and with sharpness at 100 some games can look to extreme but if u can (most leds) can filter digital and mpeg noise, put it at the highest, auto wont do anything usefull. i had these tiny pixeledboxs everywhere until i put digital noise filter to high. hope this helps.

On my Samsung LED I had to put the TV into PC mode input (done by relabeling the input as PC), it was just too sluggish to respond otherwise, Dynamic mode just offends my eyes.

LED is no different to LCD in the way it works, it's just a different light source (e.g. Light emitting diodes as opposed to a fluorescent light tube behind the screen) - I've stopped using edge lit LED screens as it's just impossible to get a consistant black level across the whole screen (but that's just a limitation of the technology)

I have the sammy led and to be honest  i`m always tinkering about with the settings depending which game i`m playing , some seem too dark and gloomy and some just lack in colour , takes me about 10 mins to get set up before i start playing lol.

movie is the best to use as most calibration settings will use movie, it may take a few days to get used to the difference as you will be used to the overly bright settings on standard or dynamic. I have used movie on a few different samsungs now and it seems to get the best results

There is a tv calibration game in the indie games that can help with calibration

I have a Samsung LED and I have to turn game mode on as if I don't have it on I found the games to lag a bit. I don't really have any tips for you, so sorry for replying.

But Richieburner advice is good. I would just say experiment with the setting until you find it the way you like.

To answer your question, when I had a Samsung (LCD) I used Game mode but you dont want to hear that so errr...not sure what else to say.


Use whatever looks and works best for you depending on what games you're playing (fast moving or still images)


Bestter still go to AV Forums, type in your TV model number and someone will tell you the "best" settings