Dvd Issue, Voices occasionally dont sync


Does anyone know how to fix this issue.


My wife has been watching the True Blood Dvd's I got her for christmas.  Throughout the shoes the voices are in sync, then go out of sync then back in again.


At first I thought it was the dvd we watched, when it didnt fix it maybee the season .. well onto the next season of the dvd and it still happens.


Does anyone know how to fix this?




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I have heard there is a setting for the player app. Alot of people have said the default is 24Hz and some TVs cant handle that. Try finding the setting for the app you use and verify the settings.

Try ticking the 24Hz box (or I guess... unticking it if it's already ticked).


I got this early on but not after ticcking the 24Hz box.

thanks ill try it tommorow when i have off work.

Let us know how you get on and if this fixes the issue for you.

It did not work the 24hz was already off.

I did clear the dvd cahce and it worked for that time (didnt play any games after)  but the next day it was back to the lip sync issues.  

The clearing is a work around however, I know my wife cant be bothered to do that since, in her mind it shoudl just work, and iwtha  500 buck item -- she is right....

Its not jsut hte dvd series we are watchign, I tried other dvd's and they do the same, for some reason, blue rays do not -- then again all ive watched in blue ray with it is for my sona and it was Wreck it Ralph.. sevral times, I may jsut not notice that blue ray out of sync because ots a pixar flick and not real peaple.


I have this issue with and without surround sound on.


Here is my TV

Panasonic VIERA TC-P42GT25 42-inch 1080p 3D Plasma HDTV



[quote user="Valuthor"]

It did not work the 24hz was already off.



So you ticked it and tried it then... right?

yes-- I tried it on and off, and hard reboots.  

after playing a few games then watchign dvd's it goes back to voices note syncing.



We definately had the issue early on.


Are you making sure you turn the other applications off before running the Blue Ray?

If you're using an AVR, you may have to adjust the centre channel delay to bring it in sync.