Dusty room?

My room gets natural really dusty. I have the new xbox s. So my question is, can my dusty room cause problems with my xbox?


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As long as you don´t shoot the dust in there with one of this pressure cleaner crap there should be no problem.

Maybe check your power supply ones in a a while to make sure it is not clocked with durst.

Surprising where dust can get to, use a laser lens cleaning disc on a regular basis to keep it clean.

Even a single speck of dust on the lens can affect how it reads discs.

I won´t use any of those laser cleaners.

Hey..I have 2 smokers and 4 dogs living in my home.And its a pretty small house.And i have never had problems with our xboxs...Once a week i use can air and spray out all my electronics..When using can air never ever shake the can or spray directly onto the disk laser on your 360..Just shoot little puffs at a time inside diskdrives...

Always spray out vented areas on electronics..

if you follow these steps youll be good..

If your system gets too dusty it can cause overheating issues.

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Dust shouldn't cause your 360 too much trouble.


I live in a complete ****hole of a bedroom and you should see the state of my 360. Now I am not making this up but it is covered in dust, hair, crumbs and coffee stains and it still works beautifully.


My 360 is 53 months old and still working.

I don't have any issues with my Xbox except on rare occasions, it's loud and the S is suppose to be silent.  :)

Mmm, dust doesn't always equal the problem, if the xbox, just like anything with a hard drive, motherboard, etc. Needs to be in a dry but cool environment, OP. Too much heat slows a system down normally. Moisture can accumulate and cause problems, so technically, dust is the opposite as long as it doesn't get clog up in the system's fan (Back of Xbox) hope that info helps!

My house gets dusty too, but luckily my wife is like Monica from Friends and she is a clean freak so it's usually ok. I haven't had any problems dust wise, but when I am finished playing and after it has cooled down I put it in a drawer with a towel over it.