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When I bought DNF I got given a card with a code for Dukes Big Package which gives you some exclusive unlockables.

It says to enter it in the Extras Menu. I have now finished the game and unlocked the Extras menu, but still cannot see where to enter the code.

Not a big problem, but would be nice to know.

Also, the cheats that you can unlock via the Extras Menu, lets say invincibility for instance, if you enable them, do they disable achievements?


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just redeem it on xbox redem code. should D/L then u should get it. - live.xbox.com/.../RedeemToken

Yeah, you enter it via redeem code.

It's pretty useless though, I never used one of the features on the Big Package and I've just hit my 1000g.

It'll warn you which "cheats" disable achievements when you attempt to turn them on... Invinvibility,etc disable cheevs...

Thanks guys, I had tried to enter it via redeem code but it said it was invalid, just had another look and the code isn't printed straight so the bottom of the last few characters is outside the white box, what looked like a 7 as the last one was actually a Z.


Oh well, finished it now, and don't think I'll be trying for hard or insane as I found normal hard enough.

Insane is a lot easier than you think. There are tricks for every boss etc.

played finished, traded for £35 at gamestation mine. its was poor, and i'm a duke nukem fanboy.

Yeah I got £35 quid for it as well.