Duke Nukem First Access Club

Ok, so I just recieved an email saying :

"Hi First Access Member,

The Hail to the Icons Parody Pack add-on for Duke Nukem Forever is now available! It offers three new multiplayer game modes, four new maps, as well as new weapons. As an early member of the First Access Club, you get it for free!"

Smashing. I follow the link, and it asks me to input my unique code again that came with the came. I binned that the day I redeemed it. So either im doomed, or, the link is failing.

Anyone else worked this out?


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Who cares the multi player is a failure

I have to agree, it didnt work and no body played it when the game came out, i cant imagine why they even bothered with DLC. I got the email but just deleted it straight away

I traded the game in, and don't own it any more, but I want the license so for whatever reason in the future its still mine.

Same ^ lols used the code, downloaded but canned the download.

Did you need to enter the unique code that came with the game? I entered that months ago :(

Ask for lost creds will send you the code to your email so u can login, and you'll see the 360 dlc code right under the demo code.

Credit to you for still playing the game, it was bad when it came out and I doubt it's aged well, also suprised they released any DLC

I like it, got it for £7.99 2nd hand and I like the multiplayer

Likewise... not got the game anymore... got a free DLC code tho. Was hoping to pass it on to someone who still plays it, but I don't think anyone does.