Duke Nukem Demo

If any of you are wondering what the game is like so far, the graphics are really outdated, but FINALLY, a game that proves gameplay is better than graphics, the game is so fun!

The quotes are even funnier, you can interact with most stuff (demo starts with you taking a p*** in the cubicle).

Picking up poo and throwing it at enemies is fun xD

Some of the humour is just funny as anything!

Driving sections are good.

Overall the game is actually fun to play and i cannot wait to recieve my copy of the game!

Best part is after the cylopse boss and duke is been given a good .... head banging while playing his own game hahaha.

Seriously cannot wait, this demo has definatley fufilled my appetite for a good game!


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Next on my download list!

I thought it was a bit meh, graphics were poor but maybe they were meant to be like that, i might cancel my pre order as im not sure its a game id get much play out of

I've not tried the demo myself!

I was intending on using some store credit I have with HMV but after speaking to a couple of friends that have played it I might just stick it on my Lovefilm rental list!

They said it was good but just not quite what they were expecting, I'll probably just wait untill some reviews this week before deciding.

Long time Duke fan...as you can tell by my gamertag lol...but you can't really say it has bad graphics, it has been done in the unreal engine for crying out loud! Sure there may be an issue on the demo of certain textures and stuff but to me I think it is going to be a fun and hilarious shoot'em up. Classic Duke quotes lol, I love it when you pick up the turd and he goes "Eugh...what the hell am I doing!!!". Can't wait for June 10th.